I recapped & roundabled the Game of Thrones premiere with a couple other members of Seventh Grove (including pandorasaurus!).  This’ll be a new weekly feature for the rest of the season. Check it out!


I’m still not entirely on the Snapchat bandwagon so I mostly use it to send my sister pictures of my cat every ten minutes.



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I manage and direct this thing. You should check it out.


So I’ve acquired a part time job pouring wine at one of the local wineries. I hate being home, but I’ve got to make that scrilla somehow.

I either want to be Khaleesi or Wendy Peffercorn for Halloween. Strong female leads, yo.

So what do you do on a Saturday? I’ve been curled up in bed with a book and contemplating sleep.

"This is Tricia, lurking your blog since I've no longer a tumble. Anyway, just saw you're doing Coachella! My friends in Waxahatchee are playing and I totally think you'd dig them if you get the chance to see them!" - Anonymous

Thanks for the heads up, Tricia! I’ll check them out! 

"Stay With Me"— Sam Smith 

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Things and coffee, but mostly coffee.
  • Boyfriend snagged us tickets to weekend two of Coachella 2014 which fulfills a lifetime dream of seeing Neutral Milk Hotel, Muse, Lana Del Rey and Arcade Fire live. 
  • I’m doing the thing where I drink an entire pot of coffee. 
  • I scrounged up enough ingredients to make mediocre French toast. 
  • Achievement unlocked: coffee drunk.  
  • While I am applying for adult jobs, I’ve sent in applications to both Yosemite National Park and summer camp programs. 
  • I have so many people that care about me and want to see me succeed. It baffles me that humans still want to put up with me. 
  • I’ll probably make another pot of coffee. 

I should be packing and I should be finishing up a blog post, but instead I’ve decided to become an expert on all things Coachella.

Got up at 6:30am, made a killer egg scramble, did yoga, applied for some jobs, ran 3 miles, applied for more jobs, and now I’m fighting a runny nose. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, world.