on faking life and other things

It’s 90 degrees outside and I’m still on my period. I went full house cat and napped whenever I got a chance this week. This hasn’t happened since college.

My Favourite Faded Fantasy”- Damien Rice

I’ve waited years for this. 

College, man.

Go into it dreaming of a Bollywood wedding reception because you’ve watched Bend it Like Beckham too many times, and leave feeling ashamed that you were just another white girl taking part in cultural appropriation. 



I still can’t shake that I love musicals and glasses of wine.

I think the most unethical thing I’ve ever done in my life is rent a wheel chair at Disneyland with a group of friends so we could cut the lines.

It was my birthday though and my friends and I took turns pushing each other and cast members constantly exclaimed “Happy Birthday, Princess!”

The cramps that I get from my period aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be when I was 16 (thanks bc!!), but every once in a while I’m miserable for an afternoon.

So I made myself some oatmeal dolloped with peanut butter, some bananas and scoop of flax. Take that!



True Life:

I’ve only ever seen X-Men Origins. C’est tout.



redwoodmagpie texted me this morning saying that her pup Trixie wasn’t feeling too hot and if I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her while she worked.

Trixie and I watch parts of an ANTM marathon, scoured prerequisite programs online, walked the property, and hung out in the hammock. Dog days are some of the best days.

Is it okay to own a Kaepernick shirt as well as a Wilson one?

I wear a bra size 30H which means a few things:

  • 80% of the swimsuits look like bras
  • all the cute patterns are never in my size 
  • I look like a porn star in most suits. 

I’ve been able to dodge the Facebook Messenger app for months, but it looks like it’s finally being forced upon me. Is it truly terrible as people make it out to be? I could care less about it looking into my stuff, but feel as if a separate app defeats the purpose of efficiency if I’m constantly switching from Facebook to Messenger. Also I really only use existing embedded messenger to send links to Tyler.

What are your thoughts and experiences?