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What's Going on in Pandora's California: The Dream Act Clears the Assembly

I’ve been a California native my entire life, but I never fully realized the tensions with Mexico until I moved to San Diego area.  

The Mexican border is unlike others because, for one, you have a semi second world country set against the self proclaimed super power of the first world.  That in itself proves to be problematic.

I have some very pacifist views and believe that the key to creating peace is education.  The whole argument of “they’re illegals who are taking our jobs and we’re paying for them to go to school and they don’t pay into anything!” is a broken record in my state.  That statement isn’t entirely true because a majority of the migrant workers take jobs that other people don’t want.  Many of them would like to be legal immigrants if it was a easier process, but there are still a small few who rather remain illegal because they do get some breaks.  However, they do pay taxes when they purchase items.  It may not be much, but it’s something.  

So, the Dream Act.  Essentially what it does is allow for illegal immigrants to be eligible for financial aide for higher education.  A majority of the kids who will benefit from this have grown up in California.  Undocumented, yes.  However, there are so many benefits to this act. 

Why I’m okay with paying for illegal immigrant’s college education is because I believe it will get a majority of these kids off the streets and that gang violence will go down.  With education, they’ll probably even go through the process of citizenship.  They’ll receive a college degree which will serve as motivation and drive even more people to the work force which could potentially boost the economy.

My opinion may be the unpopular one, but it’s the same opinion that supports higher taxes for universal health care and free college.  Because I believe those are humane things that every citizen (or not) should have.

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