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The Little Mermaid gives advice

Day 7: Pandora’s Ex

He knows who he is.  

He knows that I still care deeply for him in the most unromantic way.

He knows that I believe he is the most genuine person I have encountered and deserves someone amazing.  He, however, doesn’t deserve me anymore.  I thought he did for awhile after he broke up with me.

He knows that he’s hurt me more than any other guy but I almost thank him for that.  He made me realize that I am not a complete failure at relationships and that I can find someone that fits me even better.  

Lately, I feel like I’m the last person he wants to talk to and that’s really okay.  I can be his friend if he wants me to.  If not, my life is already on it’s own course and I’m happier than I have been in a long time.     

Pandora’s Going to Let You in on a Little Secret…

To all the boys out there:

If a girl you just met doesn’t text you back after your first twenty texts, give up.  Seriously, she’s not interested in a relationship or a friendship.  You’re probably even creeping her out.  



Pandora’s Advice of the Day…

Never play King’s Cup with your ex boyfriend who can’t keep secrets and his best friends.  This lands you in an awkward position when the “never have I ever” card is drawn.  Then, like clockwork you seem to have all the drunken mistakes that every happened between you two exposed to the world….