In other news, to prove to myself that I am indeed an extrovert, I befriended the boy working the box office (I’m currently volunteering for the SD Film Festival and we’re sharing a theater).  Basically, I just had to use the line “My cousin’s a stormtrooper.”  

It’s great when your roommate and boyfriend work in a Lego model shop.  I just can’t seem to find the light gray 1x4 brick that I need for my Republic Frigate.  Samwise pulls out his Lego collection and lends me two 1x2s which would fix the problem except I have to put a sticker on this piece.

I promptly texted Alaska who said he’d look around for me.  Lego pieces tend to get scattered and stuck in his shoes.  That’s how he acquired a glow in the dark light saber which will accompany Yoda.  

Sure enough, Alaska found one in his area and is donating it to me.  Shh.  He could kind of get in trouble for doing this.  He’s so sweet.